about Ben & Joe...

"I have known the Brothers since they were youngsters and watched them mature into great, gifted players. together they have drive ,energy and taste, Joe and Ben are a class act, and you shouldn't miss them."

Dave Swarbrick


Folk On Tap

"kick ass in splendid style"


"fresh and ingenious"

"I first encountered Ben and Joe at the Chester Festival quite a while ago as two extremely young, extremely flash players whose musical acrobatics took the breath away - which clearly was the plan. Since when I often wondered what happened to Ben. Joe became a thoughtful, wonderfully inventive and sought-after player whose drive and musicianship galvanised any lineup with whom he played. Personally, I am one who loves the idea of blood relations making music together, and now that, after something of a gap, these two are back working together again, the prospect is very exciting indeed. The years will have added thought to the youthful flash but the swagger will still be in evidence I have no doubt - along with the sheer delight in doing the job really well. This is a welcome return." 

Martin Carthy