Dempsey Broughton 2020 Gigs

9/2/20 – Sunny Sailor, Maldon

Tickets available at Maldon TIC:  01621 856503.

Info here:

Online tickets here:


13/2/20 - Leek

ST13 6AD


01538 386112
01538 385260

7.30pm for 8.00pm start


3/5/19 - Workshop day at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire 


28 June - 4 July 2020 Creative Vacances

Fiddle and Guitar Course in France

Join Kev and Joe for a week of music making, eating and drinking!


Click here to listen to some free taster tracks!


For bookings email Joe here

Kev and Joe

Since forming in 1999 this incredible duo have recorded four albums and toured extensively in over 20 countries round the world. Combining emotive songs, unrivalled instrumental capability and a spectacular high energy show, they never fail to create a spellbinding atmosphere.

The list of musicians they have played with is impressive...

Whippersnapper, Mary Black, Joss Stone, Dando Shaft, The Urban Folk Quartet, Fairport Convention, The Albion Band, Dave Swarbrick, Percy Sledge, Bellowhead....

but it can't prepare you for this unique partnership.

To pigeon hole their style of music would be to do them a disservice. They draw on Folk music from all corners of the world but their experience in Jazz, Soul, Classical, Pop and Rock music takes the result into original and uncharted territory.

What you'll notice at their concerts is not only the originality of what this acoustic duo plays, but also the simple fact that they do it so well. Kevin has a fantastic voice and is widely regarded as one of Europe's greatest acoustic guitar players, whilst Joe is simply unmatched in the world of fiddle pyrotechnics.

To top it all, the Dempsey Broughton show is playful and entertaining, you almost have to pinch yourself and remember to take it all in as they swoop from beautiful song to mind blowing tune via a stream of hilarious banter. Two hours with Kevin Dempsey and Joe Broughton can seem like 10 minutes.


“Superb musicianship, brilliant conception and execution…all you people who think you can jazz-up folk music - hear this and weep!”

- Flos Headford

Off by Heart: CD
  • Off by Heart: CD
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Brand New Album from Kevin Dempsey and Joe Broughton

The collection’s nine tracks range from outlandish and inventive instruments, to traditional and original songs, with “a slightly political twist” running through.

Highlights include Wheels Of The World, an old comment on politicians that seems even more relevant today; The Post Truth Reel, an instrumental filled with anger and sadness; and Resurrection Jack, which is based on an anti-racist poem by the late Dublin-born writer and editor, Evangeline Paterson.

“Whatever other projects we have done over the years, we always end up back together because we have so much common ground in our music,” says Joe.

“We’ve been working on this album for some time now, but we wanted to get it just right. Now feels like the moment – it’s the right time for this material to get out there, and we’re really excited about sharing it with everyone.”


  1. Resurrection Jack (3:51)
  2. Wheels of the World (4:30)
  3. The Post Truth Reel (6:30)
  4. Just Before the News (5:20)
  5. De Pascale (5:44)
  6. Wicked Polly (3:20)
  7. La Moreau Part 1 & Part 2 (4:10)
  8. Two Constant Lovers (5:41)
  9. The Recovery Shuffle (6:01)
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