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You won't be surprised to hear that our tour is all cancelled. We were so looking forward to getting out on the road and sharing the show with you - it's taken us a year of rehearsals to get it together...aaaagh!!

However, we recorded a brand new album on 6th March. If you order this today you will get the album this summer (should be end of July), if you don't you will have to wait until March 2021 for the official release.

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There are three ways you can help:

1. Make a donation
2. Pre-order the new album
3. Browse the back catalogue and order a CD (that will be posted out to you straight away)

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Please preorder the brand new album here!

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Sleepy Maggie + Remixes, Reworkings & Rarities: CD
  • Sleepy Maggie + Remixes, Reworkings & Rarities: CD
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Released on 10th June 2018.

A four-and-a-half-minute instrumental, lead track Sleepy Maggie perfectly encapsulates the ensemble’s richly layered and powerful sound. With sweeping strings, rolling percussion, tight brass, a fleeting guitar solo, and an unexpected Eastern vocal incursion, it’s a dramatic track, both muscular and delicate, oozing global influences.

Says band leader Joe Broughton: “Sleepy Maggie is a traditional tune which we’ve deconstructed and rearranged in typical ensemble fashion, pulling in ideas from various members of the ensemble to create something that sounds very very different from versions you might have heard before. The roots of the tune remain – which you can hear in the fiddles at the beginning – but the new arrangement heads off to some interesting and surprising places.

“It’s supposed to be deliciously over the top!”

The deconstruction continues with a series of surprising remixes and re-imaginings by various members of the ensemble that pushes Sleepy Maggie further into new musical territories.

“The idea of remixing the track is very much in keeping with the group’s approach to making music, of using what could be a straight-forward melody as the basis for a tune and seeing how that can be developed, or pushed, to create something that still acknowledges the original source, but is somehow transformed into something new and exciting,” explains Joe, adding the release took on a life of its own.

“This project started out as the single Sleepy Maggie, and after I mentioned the possibility of doing some remixes, in the pub after rehearsal one night, the ideas started flowing. Before I knew it I had club remixes, Chinese groove-monsters, full on drum’n’bass and more flowing into my inbox. I thought perhaps we could release a few of these with the single, but they just kept on coming.”

Hence it’s now a 10-track ‘mini-album’!

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Conservatoire Folk Ensemble - 2020 Tour Dates

Thu, May 28

Foxlowe Arts Centre, Leek Arts festival CANCELLED

Thu, June 4

Alexander’s, Chester CANCELLED

Fri, June 5

The Junction, Goole CANCELLED

Sat, June 6

Sutton Village Hall, Sandy, Beds CANCELLED

Thu, June 11

Bradshaw Hall, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Birmingham CANCELLED

Fri, June 12

Huntingdon Hall, Worcester CANCELLED

Sat, June 13

TradFarm, Llandudno CANCELLED

Sun, June 14

Power Folk 7, Spotted Dog, Digbeth, Birmingham CANCELLED

Check out the online festival here: POWER FOLK 7 ONLINE

Sun, July 5

New Forest Folk festival CANCELLED

Sat, Aug 22 (very late!)

Green Man Festival CANCELLED

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